TouchTakeaway Features

So what puts TouchTakeaway a step ahead of the rest as it makes it's impactful and explosive entry into the market place? There are many features exclusive to TouchTakeaway that make this online ordering platform a must-have for all forms of takeaway, from the remote burger van to a national chain of restaurants.

Integrate for Efficiency

TouchTakeaway is built upon the same technology that ICRTouch use for their award winning EPoS software and cloud based back office software. ICRTouch TouchPoint EPoS Systems have been developed for over 15 years, and remains cutting edge through annual software updates in keeping with the changing needs of the Hospitality Industry. In fact, TouchPoint grow with 60 new EPoS features and numerous enhancements per year.

The TouchPoint EPoS System seamlessly processes the orders as if they were made directly on the till, updating stock and sales counters and placing the orders onto tabs (if required). The processed orders print directly to the appropriate Kitchen Printers so that staff can prepare the food at the appropriate time, and a sales receipt is printed when the sale is paid for - either through the online portal at time of order or upon delivery/collection.

All the online sales will automatically filter through to any other ICRTouch product linked to the TouchPoint EPoS system, including TouchOffice and TouchOffice Web for reports and stock control, or TouchLoyalty for customer reward schemes. There is no need to intervene, meaning all your business as usual processes happen automatically and efficiently in the background.

Easy To Use

As a web application, it is fully compatible with all platforms, operating systems and browsers. It is designed to be mobile-optimised and fits all screen resolutions and devices.

Our team of web specialists will build your online ordering service for you, ensuring a robust and user friendly experience with seamless integration with your existing web presence.

With an elegant and easy to use interface, the online shop makes it really easy for your customers to order exactly what they want; a simple menu layout with clear easy to follow options steps you through the order process.

The back end menu designer is as user friendly as the front end; no coding or HTML knowledge is required to modify your menu items or offerings. Control which menu groups or items are available for online ordering and the changes are automatically updated on command.



Multi-site Compatible

You can use the TouchTakeaway online food ordering system for a single site or multiple restaurants, setting different options for each location. For example, you can define different opening / delivery times per site, different delivery areas and charges per location, and even different products and prices.

Order and Delivery Times

Collection or Delivery times can either be automatically calculated based upon current average times or can be manually set.

If the kitchen is marking orders as complete, the average time between receiving and completing an order can be used to advise online customers of current waiting time and only let them choose a time for delivery or collection after this time.

If you're really swamped with orders, you can instantly close the TouchTakeaway web shop and / or put a notice up saying you're too busy.

Delivery Status, Order Tracking and Customer notifications.

The customer receives an order confirmation by email when the order is placed. When the kitchen updates the order status (i.e. complete / on it's way), the order tracker will reflect this and emails or SMS text messages can be automatically sent out to notify customers that an order is ready for collection or has been dispatched for delivery.

Delivery Area Management

If you choose to include ICRTouch's superb postcode lookup system, you can define delivery areas by simply drawing polygonal zones on the map (geo-fencing), allowing you to be select specific areas to serve, rather than simply defining a distance radius from your location.

Delivery areas can have tiered delivery charges and / or minimum spend. Of course, the system ensures that a customer can't order for delivery outside of the defined areas.

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